Diana Moschitz

Diana Moschitz is a creator and a dreamer.

She believes that you are too.

Diana inspires and mobilises creatives to identify, visualise and celebrate their dreams, with the belief that through clarity of vision we feel greater value in what we create and we are capable of achieving so much more than we have been conditioned to believe.

Diana's creative career began with her internationally renowned newborn portrait studio, Family As Art (www.familyasartstudio.com). Through her own journey behind the curtain of her business she discovered that somewhere along the way she had lost sight of WHY she began to create. Inspired by the optimist, Simon Sinek, the author Elizabeth Gilbert and the teachings of other inspirators she began to create again, this time with love, passion and clarity.  

Diana believes that the key to success and creative fulfilment is a true understanding of what drives you.

She is committed to help creatives Identify & Visualise their vision in order that they attain limitless success and are empowered to celebrate in the unique value of their art.