Reflect on your progress

Like many entrepreneurs and creatives I have a barrel full of projects, checklists and aspirations, some of which I am actively working on, others which have been temporarily(!) shelved. Through planning and projection I am often looking forward towards "what success looks like" this year, next year and so on. My own business coach even has me mapping my road 5 years into the future.

Planning is great. I strongly believe in the power of manifesting our desires and telling the universe what it is we want to achieve.

Sometimes however this constant forward view can blind us to how far we've already come and how much we've already achieved. It's worth taking a moment to reflect on where you were this time last year or this time 2 years ago. 

What's changed?

How have you grown?

What mistakes have you learnt from?

You might be surprised to realise how incredibly far you've come already.

My look back:

My big wins!

Last October I had just sold 10, 250€ christmas mini sessions in my studio in Vienna. Fear told me that I had lost these clients - they would find a new photographer now that I had left my beloved Vienna, but still I offered to come back for a two day exclusive offer. Yesterday I sold out my 10, 400€ christmas mini sessions and I'll be flying in to Vienna to shoot them this weekend.

This time last year I was at the start of a long, slow and painful wieght loss journey. It seemed impossible to shift the 20 kg that I put on after the birth of my 4th baby. Today I am 17 kg lighter. I'm fitter, more confident and it's no longer a painful journey. I love the changes I made to my lifestyle and am committed to never going back.

In May I wrote out my goals for the rest of the year and they included the following:

  1. Be invited to be a speaker at a photography event
  2. Win an award
  3. Fully book my December workshop dates

Tick, tick, tick!!! 

What else I've accomplished in the last 12 months that weren't even on my list:

  • Learnt to drive
  • Moved internationally
  • Finished setting up the new house
  • Finished setting up the new studio
  • Settle my kids into a new school/country/routine
  • Made a ton of new friends
  • Discovered which of the old friends really were friends and kept them

Life lessons I've learnt this year (which I will expand on in the coming articles):

  • Personal Expectation Management 
  • I am stronger and capable of much more than I think 
  • Whilst I can do a lot, I can not and should not do everything
  • Authenticity is the what I look for in my relationships - if it's not there don't blame, just move on
  • Be kinder to myself - I can't poor tea from an empty pot!

So you see, whilst my "to do list" is still chock full of items and my expectations and ambitions are still incredibly high, if I give myself a moment of reflection to consider what I've already achieved it gives me the power I need to get the rest done.

Try it yourself. How far have you come in the last 12 months?