Learn to manifest your dreams

Whether you believe in the power of manifestations or not, isn't it worth a try? What do you have to loose? There are a few things that can happen when you tell the universe what it is you'd like to receive from it:

  1. nothing at all
  2. you'll realise that you already achieved so much
  3. you'll gain the focus you need to start making your dreams come true
  4. the universe might just give you a little hand-out and help you on your way

Now I'm not particularly esoteric in my thinking but I can't deny that since I started to write down my dreams (we can call them goals if it helps you get on board!), I've found that one by one they have begun to come true. I'm not about to claim that they just fell from the sky! I work hard and I focus - but the skill is to know exactly what to focus on. What are you looking for? Sometimes we're so busy grafting that we don't realise that opportunity is staring us right in the face and if we're not careful it will just walk right on by us. If you know what you're after you'll sense it on the horizon and know why way to be looking when it comes calling.

At the beginning of the summer, during a "break" from work (inverted commas because I never really take a break, but let's call it that because I wasn't looking for clients this summer) I re-wrote my dreams. All of them and even found images to back up a lot of them - I'm a visual person and so to have an image of what I'm striving for really helps my focus. One of those dreams was to be involved in the launch of a kids fashion brand. I could see myself working with a creative director and producing an amazing lookbook for a brand that I really loved. Fast forward 4 months and the director of the new school the kids are going to approached me and asked if I would take a new mum under my wing. Having been so warmly welcomed myself I jumped at the chance to give something back and I started chatting with this new mum and suggested we go for coffee after drop off. (sorry, I'm long winded I know - but I'm getting there!), Long story cut... a tiny bit shorter, she's starting a (you guessed it!) kids fashion brand and is looking for a photographer who shares her vision to produce and lookbook and help her create a brand identity!

Typically, I have jumped forward 10 steps - we're meeting in 2 weeks to discus the plan and it may come to nothing, OR it may just be the exact manifestation that I dreamt of and could even lead to so much more!

Why not write your dreams/goals and see how many of them you can manifest yourself!

Here are mine from earlier this year:

  1. New studio
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Start a project that "matters"
  4. Work with a kids fashion brand
  5. Become a speaker
  6. Sell my book
  7. Travel internationally for work
  8. Earn the same in the 12 months following the move as in the 12 months before the move
  9. Make new friends
  10. Start a product line
  11. Publish a magazine