Oh hello again Fear!

"Probably, no one wants want I have to offer"

"I'm probably not good enough, I'll wait until I am"

"It will probably take up too much time/money/energy"

All valid points. But none of them are reasons why your not pursuing your dreams - they are excuses which defend the real problem - you're afraid! And probably you should be!

Fear is not only natural, it's very very important. It warns us of imminent danger, keeps us alert and prevents us from taking un-calculated risks. 

But fear needs to be set boundaries. Fear needs to be challenged. By all means give fear a voice and from time to time check in with it to see what it has to say on the matter. But sometimes when we actually listen to what fear is telling us it's like listening to the rantings of the guy in the subway who is wearing slippers in minus 5 degree weather, has been collecting troll keyrings since 1992  and is warning everyone within earshot that aliens/the establishment/mole-people are trying to steal his soup! 

Ask fear honestly, "what's the worst that could happen?"

If the answer is death, mutilation, starvation, armageddon then sure, hold off, or better still make a better plan and try again. But if the answer is that it could be messy, inconvenient, embarrassing or that the mole people might steal your soup, then thank fear kindly for it's input and keep on doing what your heart is telling you to. There will be no better time than now, there will only be more reasons not to. There will be no easier route than this, there will only be more to learn and if you start today, if you start now  then in this round creativity wins 1:0 to fear. And yes, there'll be more matches and sometimes fear will legitimately win. But if you always give in to fear without even putting up a fight eventually creativity will get the message and will stop showing up at all - and if you're anything like me, a life without creativity is far scarier than someone sloping off with my soup!

Oh FEAR, my old nemesis! My constant companion. There you are again with your ceaseless chatter, getting under my feet, tripping me up, fooling me into thinking this is the path I want.

The water is wide, but that doesn't mean there's no way to cross it!

Basically, your fear is like a mall cop who thinks he’s a Navy SEAL: He hasn’t slept in days, he’s all hopped up on Red Bull, and he’s liable to shoot at his own shadow in an absurd effort to keep everyone safe.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear