Matthew is the name of my therapist and business coach - but it's also the name I've given to my inner therapist. We all have one - his is the voice of reason that fear tries to silence, his is the sense of self confidence that our learnt behaviour and beliefs try to diminish. It is my inner Matthew who I have learnt to turn to when my insecurity and my anxiety rears it's painted face. I invite you to commune with your own inner Matthew at times of crisis. And yes, I know all to well that when crisis strikes, more often than not Matthew retreats, his voice turns to a whisper that can't be heard above the rantings of fear and the hysteria of "what ifs". In order to hear your Matthew you'll have to train him, feed him and most importantly trust him. Fear might shout louder. Insecurity is great at the theatriccals and perfectionism will almost certainly show up with  a new mink coat and fancy shoes, but train Matthew well enough and often enough and he might be able to send the others home before they trash the party!

Here are some tit-bits to feed Matthew on so that when the time comes he'll know just what to say:

"What's the worst that could happen"

"You can't pour tea from an empty pot"

"That's projection - it's not your concern"

"Take care of your (inner) child"

"Be gentle with yourself"

Feel free to comment with some of the things that your inner Matthew often tells you, or should be telling you.