Manipulation versus Inspiration


There are two ways to influence human behaviour and attract sales; through manipulation or inspiration.

Manipulation sounds harsh and I don't mean it to, it's a viable and accepted form of marketing and includes dropping prices, running a promotion, using fear (only one left), promising innovation, and so on. The problem is that when you use manipulation as your tactic it has a snow ball effect. You have to use more and more of these techniques to have the same effect time and time again. There is always someone offering it cheaper or promising a higher quality, number, value etc. So what is stopping your customer from choosing your competition next time around, unless you again offer an unbeatable promotion or more, more, more! And how do you feel after the manipulation has worked? Do you value that sale, that client? Do you value yourself and the work that you did for them? 

But take inspiration as a motivator. Those clients of yours who are driven to do business with you because you have inspired them, moved them, spoken to their authentic values, those clients are yours for as long as you continue to inspire them. They believe in your vision and would pay above the odds, or suffer inconvenience to be part of what you create. These clients see your value as you do. They understand that what you are offering is more than a list of features. They will happily receive a discount or promotion, but this isn't why they are doing business with you. This is just a sweetener - this is how they justify their feelings about you with their rational mind.