Not Yet...

What’s the most successful mindset to adopt if you want achieve limitless success?

It’s a “not yet” mindset (more commonly known as a growth mindset)

A “Not Yet” mindset is one that takes into account your ability to learn, to develop, to change and most importantly to learn from your mistakes. If you tackle every challenge that you’re faced with with a “now” mindset, then invariably you’ll be disheartened and disappointed at any result that is not 100%. Failure is inevitable if you judge yourself with a “now” mindset. But flip it round and examine the same results with a not yet/growth mindset and suddenly the mistakes that you made become opportunities for learning, the target you didn’t reach is simply the challenge for next time.

Research shows that children who are taught a "growth" mindset achieve quantifiably better over time than children who are judged to have passed or failed.

This theory is even being studied at a neuroscientific level. Researchers have began "to understand the link between mindsets and achievement. It turns out, if you believe your brain can grow, you behave differently." -

By using “not yet” we re-train our mind to believe in its capacity for growth. And with that belief absolutely everything is possible.

Your Potential is Limitless!