Don't walk alone.

It has been said that “we are all born with a desire to be great!” - in some field or another. Maybe it’s in business or learning, perhaps you are driven to be the greatest teacher, maybe it’s in health or fitness, or perhaps it’s in family life; be the greatest mum, dad, sister, friend.

But at most only 2-3% of us really achieve true greatness. 


It’s a big why, I know - and there are probably a gizzilion small reasons why. But Jay Abraham, who has spent his entire career solving problems and fixing businesses says that one of the main reasons that we do not rise to greatness is that we try to do it alone!

As children we are constantly learning. We have to learn everything from speaking to walking, riding a bike or tying our shoes - the list goes on. Virtually everyone who begins anything is terrible at first - there are different levels of terrible for sure but at some point in our development we stink at it and it’s hard. So what do babies have to convince them to get up for the 50th time that day and take try to take a step? How do kids go from Mamamamama, to speaking articulately? 

They have a champion who believes in them!

They have someone on their team who helps them get up when the fall and tells them to try again when it seems impossible. They have someone who keeps advancing them, someone who believes in them.

Most people don’t have this.

We try to figure it out alone. We worry alone. We attempt to up-skill without anyone cheering from the sidelines. When we doubt ourselves we have no one on hand to silence those destructive thoughts and tell us that although we think we can't, they believe we can.

We all need people who care enough about us and about our cause to hold us to a higher standard. To push us on because they know that we can do it even when we fall down for the hundredth time.   

Finding these people and actively harnessing the strength of this network is what catapults people from mediocrity to greatness. Ask any of the greats, in any field, in any industry if they got there alone and I bet you not one would respond that yes, this was a solitary pursuit, that they walked the path alone and that there was no significant person or group who walked beside them, believing in them and giving the the courage they needed to put one foot in front of the next.