Don't be a barn owl!

Hear me out! You know by now I tend to mix metaphors and concoct my own smilies! - there is logic behind this one I promise!

Being a barn owl is what I call it when we focus our energy and emotions on looking around, over our shoulder and essentially 360° instead of keeping our eyes front and centre. I catch myself doing it often when I'm about to launch a new project or try something new. I swivel around and wonder what everyone else is thinking.

How will my initiative be received? What if "they" don't like it? What if "they" think I'm unqualified to do this or say that?

In those moments, when I catch myself, I have to think WWMS (what would Matthew say). I'm guessing he'd have a few questions for me:

"Who are "they"? and "Why do they matter to you"

He might even ask "Why do you think they care?" 

The truth is

a) Most of "them" are far to busy wondering what everyone else thinks of themselves to give a moment's hesitation to think about me.

b) If "they" notice me at all, it means that I'm doing something right.

c) I wasn't doing it for them in the first place so what does it matter what they think.

d) If I'm honest it's my own judgement and my own fear that I hear when I imagine what "they" are saying.

e) It's none of my business what they think! Seriously! It is literally non of my business. 

So from now on it's eyes front and centre. (I can't think of an animal that can't turn its head - leave a suggestion in the comments if you think of one).