50% off your business bestie's seat at the Pioneers Platform. (but you have to read the post first!)

Talk to me I said. What do you need?

"Support" came her answer. "I need someone to hear me and understand me."

And there it was! Boom - as if I need one more piece of evidence to back-up my theory. 

I forget his exact words, but rock star Business Coach, Jay Abraham said that one of the leading factors which contributes to the failure (or lack of success) of most entrepreneurs is that they are trying to do it alone. I've written about it before but this time I'm serious!

Find yourself a support system! One that not only understands what you're going through but supports you for the sake of support not for social media currency. You know what I'm talking about here - there are lots of Facebook groups out there, some more supportive than others, some downright soul destroying. But all of them are mass media. They serve a purpose for sure, they give you a community to bounce ideas back and forth with, but I'm talking about a small, curated group of people who actually care. Not hidden behind a computer screen, not with their own hidden set of agenda, but an actual real life creative family.

I remember the first time my tribe can together. I couldn't figure it out, we were all circling the same client base, two of us in the wedding industry, two in families but somehow, perhaps through an equal need of each other we cut all the crap, we rid ourselves of jealousy, competitiveness and envy and we pledged to support each other. 

I  love the saying "as one of us rises so do we all" - this is how it has been with my creative family. We genuinely rejoice in the success of each other. We understand the differences between each other and each of our strengths and weaknesses. We know that critique comes from a place of love and nourishment and we 100% believe in each other's potential.

This isn't a group who will weep and wail when things go wrong - sure we allow each other a little bit of a an emotional duvet day when we suffer a failure or our nerves are knocked and our confidence is down but then it's on to strategy. "Get up! Get on it! You can do this, and we've got your back" is the attitude that exudes these wonderful, talented women. 

I hear often from the creatives that I coach that they feel alone in their struggles or that the one thing they miss most from the corporate world is their colleagues and the sense of companionship and sharing. 

I want to change that! I want to help create the right environment for you to thrive.

The elevation platform is a way to find your creative family. The pioneers team, starting their journey together in May is very close to my heart and I will be with them, behind them, invested in them all the way. In fact, I'm giving you a little nudge to help you become part of the team - if you already have a creative partner, someone who you share your journey with and you'd like to join the pioneers together I'm offering you 50% off the second seat! That means you'll each save €246,25. 

For details of how to join the Pioneers Elevation Platform with send me a message or check out the webpage: http://www.dianamoschitz.com/elevationplatforms

Remember, pull together, dig deep, share, care and grow!

photo credit: Nikki Harris

photo credit: Nikki Harris