I still believe in magic

I believe that we all have or had dreams. All of us knew at one time that somewhere, deep down in our depths we have a unique gift. We used to believe in magic. As children we believed that everything was possible and that with our special powers we ourselves could make the magic come to life. Somewhere along the journey of life most of us stop believing. We start imagining that the magic is reserved for others, that our own unique class of special was a childish fantasy. The responsibilities of every day, over time, restrict our ability to dream and the dreams themselves become so buried beneath the realities and routine of life that we forget what they even were. When we stop believing that we can create magic we stop striving to do so and subsequently reality confirms our dampened view of our own potential. 

I whole heartedly believe that there is space in each of our lives for a touch of magic. I believe that no matter how long ago we stopped believing in our unique gift and our unlimited potential that it can still be found and released. Our dreams can still come true; some of us transforming life as we know it, fully embracing the dream and some of us scaling the dream so that it fits into the rigours of the life that we live. 

Making space for our gift to thrive, however big or small, means that the world still gets to benefit from what we have to offer. It means that the contribution you knew that you had to make can still be offered.

It’s through allowing the magic to exist and through making space in our lives to live the dreams we had before fear and responsibility restricted them that we reach fulfilment. 

My goal, my dream is to reawaken that dream in you. To re-focus that vision and to stretch your belief in your abilities and potential so that you can live a life of ultimate fulfilment.