Part of my "script"

Guilty is maybe too strong a word to use for how I’ve been feeling about this transition. But I’ve certainly felt some major emotional pushback whenever I’ve considered changing my speciality. It feels as though having found something that I excel at that I should stick to it - never change a winning team and all that. But the little voice keeps peeping in my ear that it’s time to move on.

Here’s the background, if you’re not familiar with my work.

I began my career as a photographer 10 years ago - by which I mean I began to take photos. I didn’t consider myself a photographer for the first 3 years and it took another 2 years before I could admit that I was “good”. By this time I had a profitable studio, consistent sales and a solid specialisation. I was a newborn photographer and damned good one at that. It helped that I’d been baby crazy (much to the horror of my mother) since I was 8 years old - obsessed with birth, pregnancy and babies. I opened the studio doors 4 months before the birth of my fourth tiny miracle and I was taking bookings whilst waiting for my induction to kick in and back in the studio 2 months after his birth. 

I have loved this job. I have swooned daily at the art that I’ve had the privilege to create for families. I’ve watched sceptical fathers weep at the sight of their newborn gallery and I’ve had mothers come back for the birth of 2nd and 3rd babies. It is such an honour to be trusted with this job.

So why the change of direction? 

I can’t really say, expect that something in my “script” dictates that success is only valid/valued if the journey was challenging. This got too easy I guess. I wish I could rest on my laurels, after all I since moving to Italy I’ve begun teaching what I do across Europe, I self published a book and spoken at numerous seminars but alas the call came true and after fighting it for the best part of a year I’m finally answering that call.

I like to believe that I will never stop photographing babies, I’ll certainly never stop revering them, marvelling at the miracle of each on and relishing the opportunity to create life long heirloom images for families, but for the time being I’ll be focussing my energy on learning everything there is to know about food, product and floral photography.

So without further ado, watch this space! From here I’ll be recording my new journey, the lessons I learn, the successes and the failures. I welcome you to follow along and draw from my meandering what you will.

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